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Deck Safety Inspections for Chicago & Suburbs - Deck Inspection Service - Deck Safety Analysis

I detect the problems and recommend the best solutions to all of your deck's ills. 

A deck safety inspection from The Deck Inspector will reveal design flaws, likely potential problems because of inferior construction practices and deterioration due to weather, time and insect damage.

Servicing the entire Chicagoland area. Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, Will, McHenry, Kendall Counties

The Deck Inspector, Frank Lamphere of A-Affordable Decks deck contractor performs comprehensive deck and porch inspections. 

When it comes to backyard decks & porches in Chicagoland, there is no shortage of flawed designs & shoddy workmanship

Decks deteriorate over time. A homeowner can expect a fifteen to twenty year life expectancy (they say) and even less if the deck is constructed wrong. Did you know that the deck contracting business has a higher percentage of flunkies and hacks (tradesmen that portray themselves as qualified contractors) than many other trades? Of course there's also the unscrupulous ones that have no desire to build anything of quality; that are just out to make a quick buck. Most own cheap tools, have a little know-how, get some business cards printed up and presto! "Expert" carpenter-contractor taking on jobs. This is a major reason why we are seeing more decks collapsing around the country.

Even if a city building inspector comes out for a framing inspection (typical requirement of a deck permit) and gives more than a cursory glance (not always) he cannot protect you from shoddy workmanship!


There are numerous ways that a contractor can short change (cheat) a job. For example, when the guy that was hired, bid the job at 20% less than another (this probably equates to 40% less labor & profit), he has to make up some of the difference in "lost" income or go live in an alley somewhere. (Example) The deck he builds gets five soon-to-be corroded, undersized bolts instead of fifteen ½" hot-dipped galvanized bolts. Or, the all important ledger doesn't get caulked or properly flashed at the end joists. This will allow moisture entry and over time, rot to your house's structure. Not to mention the carpenter ants, that soon follow.

These are just a couple of examples of easily missed yet critical elements to a properly constructed deck. I know, because I build them. In fact I have built (hands-on) well over 1000 decks and porches in the last 32 years. That experience of 32 years of which 6 were working for other contractors, gives me a sense about what to look for and where to look for it. Most city building inspectors or professional home inspectors just don't have that sense. Let the home inspector inspect your home! Let me inspect your deck! I will detect your deck's problems and recommend the best solutions to all of your deck's ills. I am "The Deck Inspector".


Deck safety inspections in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

Comprehensive written deck-porch inspections for the city of
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Gain the peace of mind
that comes with knowing
that your deck or porch poses
no risk to your family. 
Along with a safety analysis,
I will even recommend
the best solutions
to all of your deck's ills.



"The Deck Inspector" Frank Lamphere also happens to be one of the "busiest" deck contractors in DuPage County
"The Deck Inspector" Frank Lamphere and family. Frank is a journeyman carpenter who has 32 years of quality hands-on construction experience. Frank also happens to be one of the "busiest" deck contractors in DuPage County

"Too many times I have seen decks, recently inspected by a professional home inspector, that had numerous problems and at times were at risk of sudden collapse. That is unacceptable! So, I started another business The Deck Inspector"

Deck safety inspections
Frank Lamphere

"Most of these professional home inspectors have learned what they know from a book. I have read those books but also have done the work, for 38 years!" 

Frank Lamphere
It's a good thing nobody was on this one when it crashed.

"I make no claims to be a home inspector
and therefore do not provide home
inspections. I am a deck inspector.
Everything is a specialty these days."  

- Frank Lamphere