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Q - Do we really need a deck inspection? After all, we purchased our home 5 years ago. At that time the deck was only about 3-4 years old.


F - It is a good idea. The reality is that many building departments have been lax when it comes to decks. Don't forget also, that many decks have been built without permits. Some of these are dangerous. You wouldn't even know it.




Q - Will you guarantee us that you will find every potential problem, even those that can't be seen?


F - I will be able to find 95% of the problems and potential problems with your deck. Some depends upon access to the understructure. 100% certainty would only be possible with a complete demolition of your deck. That is, pulling every nail, bolt and screw and inspecting every inch of every board. Doesn't sound very practical to me.


Q - Do you repair decks? If so, how can we obtain an estimate?

F - I do repair decks however, I limit the service area to 15 miles from my office, in Lombard. Usually!



"Too many times I have seen decks,  recently inspected by a professional home inspector, that had numerous problems and at times were at risk of sudden collapse. That is unacceptable! So, I started another business The Deck Inspector" Deck safety inspections - Frank Lamphere

deck failure
Deck failure


The Deck Inspector - Deck Inspection service for Chicago and suburbs

I detect the problems and recommend the solutions to all of your deck's ills. 



Deck inspections for the entire Chicagoland area. I perform professional deck inspections in: Cook, DuPage, Lake,

Kane, Will, McHenry, Kendall Counties